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Retreat Behavioral Health’s Director of Nursing, Melissa Callahan [AGPCNP-BC, APRN] to be Promoted to Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)


(Ephrata, PA) — With over 2 million confirmed cases and 125,000 confirmed deaths, COVID-19 has radically altered our nation’s landscape, but most especially, our healthcare system. Hospitals, nursing homes, emergency care, and even treatment centers have had to rapidly adjust their services. At Retreat, headlining our innovation and formulating our day-to-day procedures in response to COVID-19 has been Melissa Callahan. With her years of professional insight, her ability to remain at the forefront of all current medical and scientific advancements and her hands-on approach, Callahan has placed Retreat ahead of the game.

“Melissa’s leadership during regular times is inspiring, her leadership through the toughest of times has been nothing less than exemplary,” shares Retreat’s CEO and President, Peter Schorr, in a statement. “We have been able to ride out this incredibly difficult season with grace and ease due to the intuition and the informed nature of Melissa’s decision-making. We are in the position that we are in because of her guidance.”

With numbers for both mental health and substance abuse on the rise, the need for quality and affordable treatment is ever-more important. Retreat has continued to remain open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, receiving patients from across the United States all while maintaining a safe and healthy environment. With incredibly rigorous everyday procedures and an executive team at the forefront of patient care in response to COVID-19, Retreat has created a strong system to combat the pandemic, with Callahan leading the charge.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, holding two Masters degrees in Nursing, Melissa has practiced in Adult and Geriatric primary care with a specialty in Addictions and Behavioral Health as a nurse practitioner for over 19 years. She joined Retreat in 2014 and under her direction, Retreat has become a trailblazer in their use of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and management of compromised patients with multiple co-morbidities, which has enabled countless patients to continue to fight their addictions and remain on the path to sobriety.

“Prioritizing the relationship between clinical care and MAT services is essential to providing quality care,” shares COO, Ken Kosza, in a statement. “This harmony and like-minded consistency in our treatment process has made us incredibly strong, and we feel that Melissa is the perfect fit for ensuring our continued commitment to patient-centered care. Our team at Retreat remains committed to innovative and evidence-based practices by embracing the need for the expansion of MAT services coupled with quality and comprehensive counseling.”

In her new role as Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Callahan will represent the nurses in the boardroom, supervise all nursing staff, maintain the highest patient safety, manage budgeting, conduct staff recruitment, and continue to expand upon personal career development.

“Addiction medicine is my calling: Although it’s not the most common specialty for many providers today, it certainly is one of the most important, helping to turn so many lives around,” shares Melissa Callahan, in a statement. “Our executive leadership has provided me with the freedom to behave as innovatively as possible. That independence has given me the free reign to structure our response and make rapid-fire decisions based on the most relevant medical and scientific information currently available. I am honored to work alongside our incredible team and look forward to all the growth yet to come as we continue to raise the bar for what high-quality, innovative treatment can look like.”

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Retreat Behavioral Health is a healthcare provider based in Palm Beach County, FL, operating large residential and outpatient treatment sites throughout Florida, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Retreat specializes in substance abuse and mental health care services.

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June 29th, 2020