The Mental Health Assessment Process

At Synergy Health Programs, we prioritize mental health care by conducting a mental health assessment process that’s tailored to you. 

Psychiatric mental health assessments are a cornerstone of our approach to mental health treatment. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive mental health assessment with either a psychiatrist, psychologist, or Master’s degree-level mental health counselor to determine the specific challenges they are facing and the types of mental health therapy that will be most beneficial for their needs.


Types of Mental Health Assessments

An assessment is a long-form informational consultation to get to the root of our patient’s mental health struggles; at the conclusion, the assessment administrator offers each patient a diagnosis and recommended course of action and appropriate level of care to pursue to rectify their issues.

There are many approaches to assessing an individual for a mental health condition, and as such, there are many types of mental health assessments. These assessments may include diagnostic interviews, standardized questionnaires, psychological testing, and observational methods. Each type of mental health assessment contributes unique insights and enables a nuanced understanding of the individual’s mental health profile.


Diagnoses can range from anxiety and depression to PTSD and schizophrenia and any number of diagnoses in between (including simply a case of managing life’s challenges) — but no matter what our patients come in facing, they will leave with a clear understanding of what they are up against, and the types of mental health therapy that can help them.

Residential Program
Outpatient Services

Getting Care

Following a psychologist or psychiatrist mental health assessment, we may recommend either a particular service or level of care that requires us to refer patients out to other providers who specialize in that arena. In the event that takes place, we will recommend a list of appropriate, heavily vetted care providers whose service lives up to the rigorous quality standards we pride ourselves on at Synergy Health Programs.

Begin the Mental Health Assessment Process at Synergy

Our commitment to exhaustive care extends beyond physical health to encompass mental well-being. In recognition of the importance of mental health, we provide specialized services through our mental health assessment programs. We offer assessments at multiple residential and outpatient facilities, including both of our flagship sites in Lancaster County, PA, and Palm Beach County, FL, and our network of outpatient clinics in Lancaster County, Palm Beach County, Miami, and Philadelphia (coming soon).

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