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3 Big Reasons Why Counseling is Important

Why Counseling is Important

There are a lot of reasons why counseling is important, especially when it comes to living a full, healthy, and balanced life. And, in honor of April being Counseling Awareness Month, we thought that we’d take a look at what some of these reasons are—plus different ways you can participate in this important initiative.

What is Counseling Awareness Month?

Each April, mental health takes a front seat during Counseling Awareness Month. This initiative was started by the American Counseling Association (ACA) with the intention of honoring the many people who have dedicated their careers to guiding others on the path to improved mental health. This includes mental health counselors, substance abuse counselors, and even school and career counselors.

In addition, Counseling Awareness Month is also a fantastic opportunity to highlight how important counseling is, from the benefits of talk therapy to the essential role that counselors play in our communities. The hope is that the more we openly discuss these sorts of important topics, the more individuals will feel comfortable and confident in making the decision to reach out for counseling support.

The Importance of Counseling

The precise benefits  can vary depending on who is receiving it and what their needs are, but there are some overarching reasons that make counseling crucial for the treatment of mental health, including these three major ones.

  1. It provides a safe listening environment.

    Counselors provide individuals with an opportunity to talk about their lives and problems without judgement. For many people, simply having someone to talk to can be hugely helpful, especially when it comes with objective advice and support.

  2. It teaches life skills.

    Mental health counselors are amazing resources for conveying the sorts of tools, techniques, and skills that help people live their best lives.  

  3. It helps promote lasting change.

    One significant goal of counseling is to help people move toward direct improvements, with lots of actionable steps provided for getting there. Not only does this help facilitate change, but it can also help make that change more sustainable.

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How to Participate in Counseling Awareness Month

Stand behind this great initiative by lending support to counselors and the work that they do. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Spread awareness on social media using the official hashtag #BurnBrightNotOut
  • Wear teal, which is the official color of Counseling Awareness Month
  • If you know a counselor, thank them for their work or offer other words of appreciation
  • If you are a counselor, celebrate yourself with some self-care or another much-needed treat!

In Need of Talk Therapy?

Therapy encompasses a lot of different things, but at its heart, it’s about providing an open space for dialogue. This April, prioritize your own mental health and, if you think you would benefit, seek out  support through individual or group talk therapy, both of which can help set you on the path toward monumental and achievable improvements in your mental well-being.

To schedule a counseling appointment with one of our mental health professionals, we encourage you to contact Synergy Health Programs today. 

April 22nd, 2021