Synergy’s Mission – Compassionate Treatment for Mental & Behavioral Health Disorders

Helping Patients Reach Their Mental Health Goals 

Our team always strives to provide compassion, respect, and acceptance to the individuals, families, and communities we serve. The goals of mental health treatment vary from patient to patient. That’s why our facilities and programs are designed to address individual patient needs and set them on the path to recovery from mental and behavioral health disorders

Contact us if you’re ready to discuss your mental and behavioral health goals. We treat a wide range of conditions, all with a focus on the priorities—and the promises—that we outline below.

R – Respect

We recognize the values in ourselves, our patients, and our colleagues. We consistently demonstrate respect for the people we serve and their family, our co-workers, our referral sources, and our vendors. We take pride in the work that we do.

E – Empathy

We work to understand our patients’ perspective and where they are emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually as it is critical to the healing process. We recognize that empathy is critical to the collaborative efforts required to resolve conflicts and develop solutions to the challenge.

T – Teamwork

We recognize that every Retreater’s work is important and that we all contribute to the betterment of our patients. Our departments are interdependent and our success will be the result of excellent communication and utilizing each other’s strengths.

R – Reliability

We understand that our patients rely on us daily to provide security, structure, treatment, and hope. We follow through on our commitments to our patients and to each other. We proactively enlist the help of others when we need it.

E – Enthusiasm

We are passionate about the work that we do and we understand that to be our best we need to bring energy to everything that we do. Our patients benefit from our positivity.

A – Accountability

We acknowledge when we fall short of expectations and take responsibility. We exhibit integrity in all situations and do not look to blame others when things do not go as planned. We recognize that our mistakes are opportunities for growth.

T – Trust

We recognize we are interdependent and that to be effective we must be able to trust each other. We also recognize the importance of building trust with our patients. Trust does not happen without accountability. We recognize that trust is the cornerstone for effective collaboration and teamwork.

E – Excellence

We are not complacent and recognize that to be a premier provider of treatment we must always be striving to improve. Creativity and critical thinking are encouraged and we give 100% effort in everything we do.

R – Resiliency

We look to solve problems rather than detach from them. Enlisting support from others strengthens our resilience. We embrace flexibility as opposed to rigidity and we accept that change is a part of organizational growth.

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