Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Properly treating co-occurring disorders is a crucial part of effective mental health and substance abuse therapy. Some of our patients come to us battling substance misuse that becomes dependence, while some misuse substances but have yet to develop a reliance upon them. Others still have no substance use to speak of — which means that co-occurring disorders wouldn’t pertain to them. They may, however, suffer from more than one mental illness at a time. In all of these cases, treating co-occurring disorders at the same time is a lot more effective than attempting a piecemeal approach.


What are co-occurring disorders?

Also known as dual disorders, co-occurring disorders are fairly common among those suffering from substance and alcohol use disorders. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly a third of everyone diagnosed with a mental illness also has a diagnosable substance use disorder. Anyone suffering from co-occurring diagnoses has a much higher risk of developing serious medical conditions as well.

However, for those who have co-occurring disorders, our psychiatric team diagnoses them for both substance use disorder and one or more mental health disorders, and then devises a treatment track that’s customized specifically for them. This could include either residential or outpatient treatment, with heavy elements of medical detox, counseling, and private/group therapy.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

We work to address both issues when treating co-occurring disorders — including the mental health component of the diagnosis and the substance use component of the diagnosis. Empirical research has shown that this is the only strategy to effectively tackle both, and that treating one without treating the other makes chances of recovery slim to none.

Co Ocurring Treatment

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